When Living Gets Heavy

After being unable to sleep this morning, I transitioned to the couch. Lying there wrapped in a blanket, I crossed my arms over my chest in an effort to get as comfortable as possible. For a few moments, I rested. But with every breath, and with each passing minute, things felt heavier. For those minutes, I fully realized the weight of my own body – my chest moving up and down, my arms shifting slightly to accommodate the movement.

In between slow breaths, three things crossed my mind:

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Only Through Death

Today, the Orthodox world buries Christ. On Great and Holy Friday, we mourn the death of Christ on the Cross as we remove his body and prepare it for burial. Today is a day centered on the effects of sin. Today, in anticipation of ultimate triumph, sin nailed Christ to the Cross in order to prove its sovereignty. Once and for all, sin aimed to separate God from his most beloved creation.

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